Alternative Health

There are a bunch of great careers in the alternative health care field.  Some of these are not particularly science based but are widely used by individuals looking for alternate options, especially when traditional approaches have not helped.  We listed a few of the most popular ones here.  In a lot of cases the certification programs are fairly quick and not as expensive but offer great wages and help millions of people.  You might not want to discount them right off because there is evidence that they can really help people.


Massage Therapy

This is big business.  Try calling one of the franchise massage places in your town on a Sunday and see if you can get an appointment.  If you can not then you know there is more demand than supply.  The nice thing about massage is that clients are used to signing up to monthly plans.  You can get them signed up with rebills and build on that client base to build a robust operation that is charging at least $60 hour.  Think about that for a minute. If you had 30 patients coming in during the week.  Each patient came in once a month and they automatically got rebilled.  You would only need 100 or so clients for your practice to be making some serious money.  100 patient rebilled every month is going to be a six figure operation.  If you don’t believe this then check out this San Diego Massage place see how successful they are.



This is a high competition field.  The good news is that if you are good at marketing yourself you can make a ton of money.  Also a lot of insurance companies cover treatments when people are in automobile accidents so it’s easy to find high paying clients.  The certification process is tougher than some others because you are in a lot of ways a real doctor.

Naturopathic Medicine

A lot of people particularly tough to cure illness such as cancer and thyroid issues see better results with Naturopathic doctors then chemotherapy and traditional medicine.  IV vitamin has a 90% survival rate for cancer patients as opposed to new caner drugs that over the last decade 20 new drugs most of them do not work. A big reason is that cancer is caused when the immune system can not fight cancers on their own.  Most treatments not only kill the cancer but also the immune system making it impossible for your body to fight the caner and heal itself. Someone with cancer is going to spend a lot of money.  The rates for a Naturopathic doctors is just as high as an MD.


This is such a great business to be in.  Who doesn’t want to lose weight.  A lot of people simply don’t understand how terrible their diet is.  The basic first thing people can do to improve their health is diet.  A good focus is to just educate clients and find healthy options for them that they enjoy.  Help them understand which things they are eating that isn’t healthy. This is a very rewarding career and also in high demand.