Low Stress Healthcare Careers

The field of medicine can be considered as one of the most hazardous job field. Even those who work in such area may support this notion. Normally, doctors and nurses would work 20-hours shifts. However, unbeknownst to all, there are low-stress jobs that are associated with medicine and healthcare. Thus, it is not too late for people to work toward betterment of human life. Though some may not be able handle the stress experienced by doctors and nurses, there are some health-care related jobs that they should consider.


Unlike doctors and nurses, who are always in action, medical records technicians work at their own pace. They are in charge of organizing, collating, managing and dispensing medical information of patients. This area of medicine is one of the major concerns of Affordable Care Act, which aimed at providing more resources to streamlining and information management.

As a result, new doors opened for those who wanted to become medical records technician. This job primarily requires good attention to detail and strong work ethics.

Being a medical records technician is also almost stress-free because of its conducive working environment. There’s no need for medical records technicians to rush to their work, and the job is very much predictable. Moreover, the technician will only be dealing with medical professionals and caregivers most of the time.

Another perk of working as medical records technicians is that it does not require medical school degree. Applicants need only to acquire a certification as Medical Insurance & Health Records Administrator.


Medical laboratory technicians also have very minimal interaction with patients. Thus, they are shielded from a significant amount of stress in their work. Moreover, their work is situated in controlled settings. Notably, medical laboratory technicians are becoming more in demand today.

Though they do work with patients just like doctors and nurses, medical laboratory technicians play vital role in medicine and healthcare because they are in charge of increasing number of medical tests. They are also very much involved in clinical trials for development of medical technologies or treatment.

Anyone with background in science and possesses great attention to detail may qualify as medical laboratory technician.


Being a dietitian is another health-related job that does not cause too much stress. However, unlike medical technicians, dietitians normally interact with their patients.

Dietitians recognize the importance of healthy diet and helping patients achieve related health benefits. Moreover, there is a growing industry for dietitians nowadays.

Obesity is one of the most prevalent health problems that the world is face. Thus, dietitians are much needed to help people address this problem. By 2022, the demand for dietitians is expected to reach up to 22%.


Audiologist is also a job that requires interaction with patients. Still, it is considered a healthcare-related but low-stress job. The good thing in being an audiologist is that the work does not involve emergency cases and thus, is not that stressful.

Basically, audiologist aim at restoring hearing or prevent hearing loss in patients. It is expected to become one of the most in-demand jobs in the future, and the salary also looks promising at $70,000.


Dental hygienists are not dentists but they work closely with them. This job can be lucrative with average salary of around $50,000 a year. Dental hygienists work with dentists and also assist in performing dental procedures. Though dental hygienists may be quite busy sometimes, their job still cause less stress than other medically related jobs.


Diagnostic medical sonographer is the second least stressful job in the US. The job also comes with high salary and high growth rate.

Diagnostic medical sonographers are in charge of diagnosing health conditions with advance sonography equipment. For instance, ultrasound is normally used on pregnant women but are also effective in checking out internal organs without using surgery.

The job requires interaction with doctors and other medical professionals but diagnostic medical sonographers are not in position to make life-changing decisions.

People who want to try being diagnostic medical sonographers should enroll in certification programs which normally last for two years.

Alternative Health

There are a bunch of great careers in the alternative health care field.  Some of these are not particularly science based but are widely used by individuals looking for alternate options, especially when traditional approaches have not helped.  We listed a few of the most popular ones here.  In a lot of cases the certification programs are fairly quick and not as expensive but offer great wages and help millions of people.  You might not want to discount them right off because there is evidence that they can really help people.


Massage Therapy

This is big business.  Try calling one of the franchise massage places in your town on a Sunday and see if you can get an appointment.  If you can not then you know there is more demand than supply.  The nice thing about massage is that clients are used to signing up to monthly plans.  You can get them signed up with rebills and build on that client base to build a robust operation that is charging at least $60 hour.  Think about that for a minute. If you had 30 patients coming in during the week.  Each patient came in once a month and they automatically got rebilled.  You would only need 100 or so clients for your practice to be making some serious money.  100 patient rebilled every month is going to be a six figure operation.  If you don’t believe this then check out this San Diego Massage place see how successful they are.



This is a high competition field.  The good news is that if you are good at marketing yourself you can make a ton of money.  Also a lot of insurance companies cover treatments when people are in automobile accidents so it’s easy to find high paying clients.  The certification process is tougher than some others because you are in a lot of ways a real doctor.

Naturopathic Medicine

A lot of people particularly tough to cure illness such as cancer and thyroid issues see better results with Naturopathic doctors then chemotherapy and traditional medicine.  IV vitamin has a 90% survival rate for cancer patients as opposed to new caner drugs that over the last decade 20 new drugs most of them do not work. A big reason is that cancer is caused when the immune system can not fight cancers on their own.  Most treatments not only kill the cancer but also the immune system making it impossible for your body to fight the caner and heal itself. Someone with cancer is going to spend a lot of money.  The rates for a Naturopathic doctors is just as high as an MD.


This is such a great business to be in.  Who doesn’t want to lose weight.  A lot of people simply don’t understand how terrible their diet is.  The basic first thing people can do to improve their health is diet.  A good focus is to just educate clients and find healthy options for them that they enjoy.  Help them understand which things they are eating that isn’t healthy. This is a very rewarding career and also in high demand.

Is A Medical Career Right For You


A lot of people who plan on going to college contemplate on pursuing a medical career. The field of health care is tempting area to venture into since it is full of endless possibilities for establishing a career. However, before a person can dive right into an ocean of medical books, there are some concerns that he must address to determine if the field of health care is the right path for him.


This includes a person’s reasons for pursuing a career in medicine. Some may do it because they have passion for the fields of sciences and math while others do it due to the genuine desire to help people. Still, there are some who take up medicine just for the money that they can possibly earn afterwards. However, even though it sounds professionally and financially promising, the field of medicine can deliver a lot of problems and stress on doctors and nurses especially during those times that they are almost not able to go home or get any rest at all.


Thorough preparations must be done by any person who plans on going to medical school. He or she must research regarding the different medical careers that can be pursued in the field of medicine. Information about institutions that offer medical courses and their tuition fees must also be taken into account. And since some medical courses can be expensive, saving money beforehand should be accomplished too.


The field of health care is not solely based on theories alone. Health care professionals must develop skills and abilities needed to do their job properly. They must also possess strong health and mentality to take on the stress that comes with their jobs.


Medicine is a vast area of study. A person must have a specialization or specific role that he aims to pursue once he becomes a part of the health care profession. Depending on his interests and capabilities, there are various specializations that a person can choose from like cardiology, neurology, pediatrics, and other specific fields of medicine.


The kind of place a person wants to work is a great consideration when trying to get into the field of medicine. Some may not feel comfortable working in large spaces like hospitals or they can easily be affected by negative moods that are common in psychiatric institutions. People who are susceptible to such kind of workplace hazards may try pursuing pediatrics if they are determined to be a medical professional. Others who have trouble interacting with people may opt to work in laboratory institutions.


Pursuing a medical career must be related to a person’s long term goals and the role that it will play in his future. Being a health care professional may require changing homes and being on call most of the time. The impacts of such instances to a person and his family must be considered thoroughly before taking any courses in the field of medicine.

Most Dangerous Medical Careers

A flight medic with Charlie Company, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Aviation Regiment, is hoisted into a medical helicopter with Luca, a Military Working Dog with 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, during a training exercise at Forward Operating Base Spin Boldak, Kandahar province, Afghanistan, Feb. 24, 2011. The training prepared the flight medics for medical evacuation of working dogs. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Michael Needham/Released)

The field of medicine is one of the industries that poses the most risk to its practitioners. As medical professionals, doctors, nurses, and other employees that work in health care carry the burden of having the lives of the patients in their hands. On the other hand, it is not only the lives of the patients that are at risk when doing any medical procedure. Health care professionals also face some risks like being stabbed by an infected needle, inhaling pathogens, or even mishandling reagents that are potentially harmful to people. As such, people have the right to know about some of the most dangerous medical professions.


Emergency medical technicians and paramedics, emergency medicine physician, and emergency nurses belong to this category. They are the ones who first respond during emergencies and the first people to conduct any medical procedure that is needed to save a patient’s life.

EMTs go directly on site of emergency and they make sure that the patient will be brought safely to the hospital. Emergency medicine physicians, on the other hand, specialize in providing treatment to patients in case of emergencies. The cases they handle vary depending on status of the patients delivered to them. Aside from aiding the doctors, emergency nurses have the responsibility of prioritizing the patients. They make sure that those who are in critical situations get looked at first by doctors and they also ensure that everything goes smoothly inside the emergency room.

The risks faced by these people is that they do not have any idea of the kind of emergency that may arise. And as such, there may come a time when they are not fully prepared to handle a medical situation. Commotions may also arise in emergency rooms and if not handled properly, they can pose certain dangers to the doctors and nurses alike.


This include the doctors, nurses, and other medical employees that work for the military. They are trained and educated to only treat soldiers and their families. In addition, it is very likely that they are constantly sent to other destinations to provide medical care. This kind people face the dangers of warfare and because of this, they must also possess certain military skills to be able to protect themselves.


Flight surgeon and flight nurses are different from other medical professionals in that they are trained in aeromedicine and they are tasked with the safe treatment and transfer of patients that are aboard flying vessels. Though journey on air has been considerably safer than before, the danger of vehicular crashes still loom over the heads of flight surgeons and flight nurses.


There are medical professionals who work in correctional facilities like prisons and penitentiaries. They face imminent danger everyday as violence may breakout anytime of the day in these kind of facilities. The maximum security used in these places may also prove to be taxing to some doctors and nurses.


These are the people who are involved in taking care of patients afflicted with mental illness. Though maximum security is implemented in health institutions that deal with these cases, psychiatric doctors and nurses still face some danger since their patients are unstable and run the risk of having violent bouts.


This career may not look as dangerous as the previous one but it still poses some risks. With the growing industry of prescription drugs, some people may grow dependent on them and as such, they may resort to violent ways if pharmacists see it fit to refuse giving them medicinal drugs.

High Paying Medical Careers With Bachelors Degree


A lot of people dream of being a doctor. Unfortunately, the journey towards a degree in medicine poses quite a number of obstacles to any aspiring student. One of these blockage in having a medical career is of course, money. People who are not that rich but still pursue medicine mostly end up having great debts by the time they graduate from medical school. Sure, there may come a time that they will be earning a lot of money but having large debts may also pick their pockets clean along the way.

Fortunately for some, there are medical careers out there that do not necessarily require having a degree in medicine. In addition, the salaries of these jobs are not bad for careers that do not involve doctors.


Medical perfusionists are the ones responsible for operating bypass machines involved in heart surgeries and other medical procedures. They also work on monitoring the patients’ circulation and respiratory functions while undergoing surgery. To become a perfusionist, one must simply complete a masters or certificate program and then be certified by the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion.


Clinical trial managers oversee ongoing clinical trials and make sure that these experiments follow the protocols set by the FDA. Though there are proprietors who require a master’s degree for this position, some can get the job by just finishing a certificate program.


A health care product manager controls the flow of health care products. They make sure that the products they manage are handled and marketed effectively. The position requires a bachelor’s degree in business, administration, marketing, or any health related industry.


Sales representatives of pharmaceuticals promote and sell medical drugs to various hospitals and doctors. People who have marketing skills can be very lucrative in this industry.


Organ transplant coordinators are the people involved in organ transplants. They work mainly in the evaluation of patients, pre-transplant workups, post-surgical care, and follow up on the patients. Normally, the job requires a bachelor’s degree in any medically-related field.


People who specializes in radiology and/or diagnostic imaging work by interpreting the results from various imaging techniques and procedures like X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and ultrasound. They also make sure that protocols and guidelines are thoroughly followed when conducting such tests.


Hand therapy is “the art and science of the rehabilitation of the upper limb, which includes the hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder girdle.” People who major on this field help patients before and after surgery or by providing the necessary preventive care and pain management. Certification from HTTC (Hand Therapy Certification Commission) requires five years of practice as an occupational therapist or a physical therapist.

5 Best Pay Least Education Careers

For those who are aspiring to get a job in the field of health care, it will not hurt to know a thing or two about the possible careers that people may venture into. Furthermore, it will be a good idea to learn which medically related jobs pay the highest salaries. Such kind of knowledge is very important since there are jobs out there that do not pay as much as an employee expects it to. This can be very disappointing to some people who want to find a spot in the field of health care and medicine since they have invested a lot of time and money just to acquire the kind of education needed to penetrate these fields.

The careers that can be pursued in the fields of health care and medicine are not just limited to being a doctor or a nurse. There are also positions that do not require a bachelor’s degree like lab and radiology technicians, physical therapy assistants and the like. With proper training and certain amount of studying, these jobs can be profitable for a lot of people who are not able to finish a four-year course. And with that said, this article presents the five highest paying medical careers that do not require a bachelor’s degree.


The job includes those people who are responsible for conducting ultrasounds, sonograms and echocardiograms. It also entails having the ability to operate high-tech imaging machines and make preliminary analysis of the images that the machines produce for the benefit of the doctors.


Nurses are important part of the health care and medicine. They are the ones who are found in almost every kind of medical facilities as their services for taking care of patients and assisting doctors are always required.


This type of medical employees are the ones responsible for preparing and administering radioactive drugs to patients.


A dental hygienist is the one responsible for cleaning a patient’s teeth and providing proper guidelines with regards to oral hygiene. He also does other dental activities like plaque removal, diagnosis of oral diseases, and conducting dental X-rays and the like.


Radiation therapists operate the machines that are used to treat patients with radiation. It is also their responsibility to monitor the patients while undergoing treatment.

10 Best Medical Jobs

The field of medicine and health care has been a constant dream for a lot of people. The reason for this is that these areas offer some of the highest paying careers that a person can achieve. Aside from doctors and nurses, there are also other people who play important roles in promoting health care. And with such, we will present the top ten highest earning jobs in the field of health care.


Dentists are the ones responsible of taking care of our mouth. They not only remove cavities and damaged teeth but they also diagnose any oral diseases that may be afflicting us. In addition, they provide us with other kinds of services like denture fitting and teeth cleaning. It is one of the most medically related job that constantly requires the professional to build a certain agreement of trust with the patient.


Nurse practitioners differ from regular nurses in that in addition to being registered nurses, the have pursued further education in their field. This continuing professional education provides them knowledge and skills that they can use in learning more about their patients, conducting laboratory exercises, recommending medications, and authorizing treatments.


Physicians are the doctors that we call right away when there are emergency situations like childbirth, accidents, sudden allergies and the like. Basically, physicians include ER doctors, pediatricians, obstetricians and gynecologists, dermatologists, cardiologists and other kinds of doctors with various specializations.


A dental hygienist differs from a dentist in that the dental hygienist is more focused on providing preventive health care to patients. Normally, they work in keeping the oral cavities of people clean but in addition to this, they are also known to provide education that will let the patients know how to properly take care of their mouths and teeth.


Physical therapist are the ones who help patients in recovering from physical injuries or surgeries that rendered some parts of the body barely movable. In addition, they also make plans and rehabilitative programs that will help patients to gain full body functions again. Furthermore, physical therapists also provide some sort of counseling that aids the patients as well as their families in coping up with the conditions that have deprived some or most of their body parts of mobility.


Not only do nurses assist doctors in providing health care, they also give their patients emotional, intellectual, and spiritual support to help them in recovering from their sicknesses. Because they are the ones directly involved in administering medications and further assessment of the patients’ conditions, nurses are the ones who becomes more attached to their patients. Their interaction with the patients give nurses a clearer and more intimate view of what really is going on with their patients and they can use this to take care of them more properly.


Diagnostic medical sonographers are the ones responsible for doing ultrasounds and using sonograms to detect any anomalies inside the body. They may also have certain specializations like the musculoskeletal sonographers, the neurosonographers, abdominal sonographers, and breast sonographers. With such variety of specializations, they are required to provide accurate information about the results of their tests.


Some people may only have a vague nation of what an occupational therapist is. To be specific, occupational therapist are the people who help others in re-acquiring skills that they need in their everyday lives. However, their job is not as easy as a person may think because occupational therapist need to make thorough assessment of a patient first and plan a rehabilitative program based on the patient’s needs before he or she can proceed in helping the patient.


Estheticians are the ones responsible in maintaining the beauty of our skin. They achieve this by performing esthetic practices like cleansing and exfoliating, waxing, moisturizing, and applying makeup to ensure that the appearance of a person is constantly beautiful. Before doing anything to the skin of patient, a skin care specialist must conduct some assessment first to know the true condition of the patient’s skin. From the information that he or she can get from the assessment, the skin esthetician will recommend a procedure or product that can improve the skin and consequently, the overall appearance of the patient. The suggestions or medications may include application of skin care regimen, having massages, or undergoing other types of body treatments.


Aside from providing patients with their prescriptions, pharmacists also make sure that the medication that people buy will not do them any harm by chemically reacting to the other medications that they may be taking. In addition, they also ensure that patients are properly informed on how they should take their medicine and what actions they should take in case that side effects arise after taking certain medications. Furthermore, pharmacist carry the burden of keeping records of their transactions, communicating with insurance companies, and constantly searching for updates in the field of medicine.