Leading and Managing in Nursing

Leading and Managing in Nursing


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Leading and Managing in Nursing by Patricia S. Yoder is a book that is perfect for reviewing for NCLEX. It provides new approaches in the study of leading and managing by combining knowledge in theories, research and practical applications of skills related to nursing. The book also focuses on concerns that are very crucial nowadays in achieving success in professional nursing. Each chapter is provided with a challenge section that tests the reader’s critical analysis on real-life issues in health care. Theories and relevant research information are also provided and other chapters that highlight other areas like cultural diversity, consumer relationships, information technology, legal and ethical issues are also provided. Numbered exercises test the reader’s comprehension about the topics discussed in the book while the expanded content and supplementary photos supply additional information that very important in delivering knowledge to the readers.


The information provided in the book can be very helpful to all nurses, even to those who are not in the United States. The readers will be enlightened on the concepts of managing and leading when it comes to the nursing profession. Also, new research and updates are included, ensuring that the knowledge that can be learned by the readers are the most recent ones and of the utmost importance in the field of nursing. The exercises that come after each chapter are also very realistic and are backed up by related research.


Some critics say are not satisfied with the way the book is written. They think that the book has become too wordy to be understood by most people. There are also people who surmise that the exercises included in the book need to be more relevant to the issues of medical sciences today. In addition, some do not recommend using the book in teaching practical applications of some topics like delegation.