Low Stress Healthcare Careers

The field of medicine can be considered as one of the most hazardous job field. Even those who work in such area may support this notion. Normally, doctors and nurses would work 20-hours shifts. However, unbeknownst to all, there are low-stress jobs that are associated with medicine and healthcare. Thus, it is not too late for people to work toward betterment of human life. Though some may not be able handle the stress experienced by doctors and nurses, there are some health-care related jobs that they should consider.


Unlike doctors and nurses, who are always in action, medical records technicians work at their own pace. They are in charge of organizing, collating, managing and dispensing medical information of patients. This area of medicine is one of the major concerns of Affordable Care Act, which aimed at providing more resources to streamlining and information management.

As a result, new doors opened for those who wanted to become medical records technician. This job primarily requires good attention to detail and strong work ethics.

Being a medical records technician is also almost stress-free because of its conducive working environment. There’s no need for medical records technicians to rush to their work, and the job is very much predictable. Moreover, the technician will only be dealing with medical professionals and caregivers most of the time.

Another perk of working as medical records technicians is that it does not require medical school degree. Applicants need only to acquire a certification as Medical Insurance & Health Records Administrator.


Medical laboratory technicians also have very minimal interaction with patients. Thus, they are shielded from a significant amount of stress in their work. Moreover, their work is situated in controlled settings. Notably, medical laboratory technicians are becoming more in demand today.

Though they do work with patients just like doctors and nurses, medical laboratory technicians play vital role in medicine and healthcare because they are in charge of increasing number of medical tests. They are also very much involved in clinical trials for development of medical technologies or treatment.

Anyone with background in science and possesses great attention to detail may qualify as medical laboratory technician.


Being a dietitian is another health-related job that does not cause too much stress. However, unlike medical technicians, dietitians normally interact with their patients.

Dietitians recognize the importance of healthy diet and helping patients achieve related health benefits. Moreover, there is a growing industry for dietitians nowadays.

Obesity is one of the most prevalent health problems that the world is face. Thus, dietitians are much needed to help people address this problem. By 2022, the demand for dietitians is expected to reach up to 22%.


Audiologist is also a job that requires interaction with patients. Still, it is considered a healthcare-related but low-stress job. The good thing in being an audiologist is that the work does not involve emergency cases and thus, is not that stressful.

Basically, audiologist aim at restoring hearing or prevent hearing loss in patients. It is expected to become one of the most in-demand jobs in the future, and the salary also looks promising at $70,000.


Dental hygienists are not dentists but they work closely with them. This job can be lucrative with average salary of around $50,000 a year. Dental hygienists work with dentists and also assist in performing dental procedures. Though dental hygienists may be quite busy sometimes, their job still cause less stress than other medically related jobs.


Diagnostic medical sonographer is the second least stressful job in the US. The job also comes with high salary and high growth rate.

Diagnostic medical sonographers are in charge of diagnosing health conditions with advance sonography equipment. For instance, ultrasound is normally used on pregnant women but are also effective in checking out internal organs without using surgery.

The job requires interaction with doctors and other medical professionals but diagnostic medical sonographers are not in position to make life-changing decisions.

People who want to try being diagnostic medical sonographers should enroll in certification programs which normally last for two years.