10 Best Medical Jobs

The field of medicine and health care has been a constant dream for a lot of people. The reason for this is that these areas offer some of the highest paying careers that a person can achieve. Aside from doctors and nurses, there are also other people who play important roles in promoting health care. And with such, we will present the top ten highest earning jobs in the field of health care.


Dentists are the ones responsible of taking care of our mouth. They not only remove cavities and damaged teeth but they also diagnose any oral diseases that may be afflicting us. In addition, they provide us with other kinds of services like denture fitting and teeth cleaning. It is one of the most medically related job that constantly requires the professional to build a certain agreement of trust with the patient.


Nurse practitioners differ from regular nurses in that in addition to being registered nurses, the have pursued further education in their field. This continuing professional education provides them knowledge and skills that they can use in learning more about their patients, conducting laboratory exercises, recommending medications, and authorizing treatments.


Physicians are the doctors that we call right away when there are emergency situations like childbirth, accidents, sudden allergies and the like. Basically, physicians include ER doctors, pediatricians, obstetricians and gynecologists, dermatologists, cardiologists and other kinds of doctors with various specializations.


A dental hygienist differs from a dentist in that the dental hygienist is more focused on providing preventive health care to patients. Normally, they work in keeping the oral cavities of people clean but in addition to this, they are also known to provide education that will let the patients know how to properly take care of their mouths and teeth.


Physical therapist are the ones who help patients in recovering from physical injuries or surgeries that rendered some parts of the body barely movable. In addition, they also make plans and rehabilitative programs that will help patients to gain full body functions again. Furthermore, physical therapists also provide some sort of counseling that aids the patients as well as their families in coping up with the conditions that have deprived some or most of their body parts of mobility.


Not only do nurses assist doctors in providing health care, they also give their patients emotional, intellectual, and spiritual support to help them in recovering from their sicknesses. Because they are the ones directly involved in administering medications and further assessment of the patients’ conditions, nurses are the ones who becomes more attached to their patients. Their interaction with the patients give nurses a clearer and more intimate view of what really is going on with their patients and they can use this to take care of them more properly.


Diagnostic medical sonographers are the ones responsible for doing ultrasounds and using sonograms to detect any anomalies inside the body. They may also have certain specializations like the musculoskeletal sonographers, the neurosonographers, abdominal sonographers, and breast sonographers. With such variety of specializations, they are required to provide accurate information about the results of their tests.


Some people may only have a vague nation of what an occupational therapist is. To be specific, occupational therapist are the people who help others in re-acquiring skills that they need in their everyday lives. However, their job is not as easy as a person may think because occupational therapist need to make thorough assessment of a patient first and plan a rehabilitative program based on the patient’s needs before he or she can proceed in helping the patient.


Estheticians are the ones responsible in maintaining the beauty of our skin. They achieve this by performing esthetic practices like cleansing and exfoliating, waxing, moisturizing, and applying makeup to ensure that the appearance of a person is constantly beautiful. Before doing anything to the skin of patient, a skin care specialist must conduct some assessment first to know the true condition of the patient’s skin. From the information that he or she can get from the assessment, the skin esthetician will recommend a procedure or product that can improve the skin and consequently, the overall appearance of the patient. The suggestions or medications may include application of skin care regimen, having massages, or undergoing other types of body treatments.


Aside from providing patients with their prescriptions, pharmacists also make sure that the medication that people buy will not do them any harm by chemically reacting to the other medications that they may be taking. In addition, they also ensure that patients are properly informed on how they should take their medicine and what actions they should take in case that side effects arise after taking certain medications. Furthermore, pharmacist carry the burden of keeping records of their transactions, communicating with insurance companies, and constantly searching for updates in the field of medicine.

Leading and Managing in Nursing


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Leading and Managing in Nursing by Patricia S. Yoder is a book that is perfect for reviewing for NCLEX. It provides new approaches in the study of leading and managing by combining knowledge in theories, research and practical applications of skills related to nursing. The book also focuses on concerns that are very crucial nowadays in achieving success in professional nursing. Each chapter is provided with a challenge section that tests the reader’s critical analysis on real-life issues in health care. Theories and relevant research information are also provided and other chapters that highlight other areas like cultural diversity, consumer relationships, information technology, legal and ethical issues are also provided. Numbered exercises test the reader’s comprehension about the topics discussed in the book while the expanded content and supplementary photos supply additional information that very important in delivering knowledge to the readers.


The information provided in the book can be very helpful to all nurses, even to those who are not in the United States. The readers will be enlightened on the concepts of managing and leading when it comes to the nursing profession. Also, new research and updates are included, ensuring that the knowledge that can be learned by the readers are the most recent ones and of the utmost importance in the field of nursing. The exercises that come after each chapter are also very realistic and are backed up by related research.


Some critics say are not satisfied with the way the book is written. They think that the book has become too wordy to be understood by most people. There are also people who surmise that the exercises included in the book need to be more relevant to the issues of medical sciences today. In addition, some do not recommend using the book in teaching practical applications of some topics like delegation.

Electronic Health Records for Allied Health Careers


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Electronic Health Records for Allied Health Careers w/Student CD-ROM 1st Edition by Susan Sanderson. This book talks about the complications of the health records industry and how technology keeps on changing creating a tough employment climate for individuals entering this career. The book breaks the field down into two different segments the clinical and administrative duties of performing electronic health records.

About The Author:
Susan M. Sanderson specializes in computer related issues in the health field she has also written a book Computers in the Medical Office. She has over 10 years of experience with Medisoft. She if an alpha and beta tester of medical billing software.  She is a member of HIMSS aka Health Information and Management Systems Society. She is a graduate of Drew University.

The text is commonly used in college classes and comes with a cdrom.

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You Want to Be a Physician


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Review of the book So, You Want to Be a Physician: Getting an Edge in your Pursuit of the Challenging Dream of Becoming a Medical Professional by Edward M Goldberg

So, You Want to be a Physician: Getting an Edge in Your Pursuit of the Challenging Dream of Becoming a Medical Professional is the book for those who want to pursue a career in medicine. It is specifically written to help medical students in passing the application and interview process when entering a medical institution. The contents of the book are based on the stories of medical students personally mentored by the author. It also includes actual interview questions, personal statements, and advice that help the reader be more adept in answering and handling interviews.


Readers will be delighted with how the book covers a lot of aspects related to the admissions process. They are given first-hand information regarding how they can increase their chances of being admitted to the school of their choice. Some additional information like data on residency programs and alternative medical schools are also provided to give the readers more options when they pursue their medical studies. For those who will just start to write their applications, they will find the guidelines indicated in the book very useful. Tips on what and what not to do during interviews can be also very helpful to both medical and non-medical students. Medical students can also use the methods and techniques written in the book to successfully pass their interviews.


Some people may think that the information provided in the book can just be found in any other reading materials or the internet. There are also some claims that the book is just a compilation of essays written to glorify the author. As for some, they may think that more information could have been provided for the readers.


Edward M. Goldberg has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a Master’s degree in Hospital and Health Service Administration. He worked as an administrator for Coral Gables Hospital in Florida for 38 years, Hargrove Hospital and Charter Barclay Hospital in Illinois, vice president for Columbia/HCA, and Regional Director for Charter Medical Corporation.

Before retiring, he was the president/CEO of St. Alexius Medical Center in Illinois. While serving, he aimed at acquiring more admissions and outpatients visits in each hospital under his administration.

In addition to his book, “So, You Want to be a Physician,” Goldberg also edited and published a book on Cultural Sensitivity. He also regularly delivers presentations to various health care facilities and organizations.

At present, Edward Goldberg works as a hospital consultant, presenter, and coach for people who want to apply in various medical institutions.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Medical Specialty


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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Medical Specialty by Brian Freeman is a book the gives the reader a thorough insight regarding certain issues that a medical student encounters when facing the dilemma of choosing a specialty. It is filled with information that came from first-hand data, supported by commentaries coming from medical professionals themselves and the author as well. In addition, the reader is given previews regarding the areas that they can choose from. Some of these sections are written specifically by professionals who practice those specialties. Also, each specialty is described in a very easy and understandable way. And aside from the medical specialties, residency applications and their accompanying matching processes are also provided to the readers.


The readers will like how the book is divided into two parts that gives the readers options to read specifically on the issues that concern his preferred medical specialty and select some specialty profiles for the twenty major specialties. In addition, they will gain additional knowledge about the updated salaries, employment date and match statistics pertinent to the medical specialties. Those who are still contemplating on what to pursue in the field of medicine will find the book very helpful and descriptive. Another interesting feature of the book is that it matches the skills of a person with a specialty that is almost a perfect match to it.


Some people who are looking for the pros and cons of each medical specialty may become disappointed as these features are not found on the book. Also, those who are just starting their journey in studying medicine may find the book too overwhelming for them. Some people who have already read the book think that the book is not as objective as they have hoped it will be. Furthermore, they have wanted to read something special or unique to each medical specialty.