What Medical Coders Do


In the field of health care, doctor and nurse positions are not the only jobs that are in demand. However, there are other positions that people can apply for. These positions include medical billing and coding jobs.

Billers and coders are responsible for submitting and tracking insurance claims for healthcare providers. They are very important in assuring that health facilities will not lose their revenues and will continue their operation. Medical billers normally interact with medical personnel, other staff, and medical practitioners and doctors. Thus, it is important that people who will take such job possess excellent communication skills.

Billing and coding positions do not require specific degrees but employers prefer those with formal university education and certification.


Though requirements on educational background are not that strict when applying for billing or coding positions, it would be better if applicants undergo some formal training first. They may go to billing and coding schools or enroll in online courses.

Schedule of medical billers is normally flexible. Some may work part-time from home, in specific hours of the day, or in the night. The salary ranges from $40,000 to $48,000. Excellent and experienced billers and coders may earn higher.


First and foremost, medical billers and coders should have keen attention to detail. They cannot afford to commit mistakes, such as misspelled names, transposed digits, or other incorrect details as these can lead to very serious problems, including delayed payments. In fact, some cases of delayed claims or denied insurance can be attributed to errors in encoded data.


Medical billing and coding jobs can be categorized into specific positions, including the following;

  • Billing specialist

  • Billing coordinator

  • Medical coding specialist

  • Medical billing clerk

  • Medical billing consultant

  • Patient account representative

  • Reimbursement specialist

  • Account receivable specialist

  • Electronic claims processor

  • Claims analyst

Application to such positions can be done in various ways, but it would be much better if applicants try networking with healthcare professionals.


Before applying for any positions, applicants should know pertinent information regarding the job that they are applying for. During application, resume is one thing that can land a person his desired job. Thus, applicants should ensure that their resumes look impressive. If necessary, they should look for some templates over the internet.

Letter of interest is also important when applying for jobs. This letter should be aimed at impressing the manager so that the applicant’s resume will be checked out right away. There are a number of tutorials that teach people how to write letters of interest properly and provide some tips on how they can improve their writing skills.


People’s efforts should not stop as soon as they land a position. When they start working, they may realize that there are a number of thing that they must still learn in order to adequately adapt to their workplace.

In addition, if necessary, people should still improve on the job skills that are required for their job positions.